Testosterone Enanthate - Unit: 10 ml Vial (250 mg/ml)

Testosterone Enanthate - Unit: 10 ml Vial (250 mg/ml)


Active Ingredient: Trenbolone

Pack: 10 x 1 ml Amps(200 mg/ml)

Manufacturer: ZPHC

Half Life: 7-10 days

Detection Time: 8 months

Anabolic Rating: 500

Androgenic Rating: 500

Dosage: male 200-500 mg per week, female - not recommended.

Common brands: Trenbolone Enanthate, Trenbolone E, Tren, Trenbolone Forte, Trenanthate, Trenaject, Trenbolona Enantato, Trenbolin, Pharmatren E, Finarex, Trena-Med E, Tren-Ena, Tren E, Trenodex E, Trenaver 200, Trenboxyl Enanthate, GP Tren Enanth, Tren Enanthate, Trenol, Trenoject, Tren-200, Tren-Enan, Trenbolon 200, Trenabolic 200, Trenarex-E, Finarex 200

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